Amazon prepare center

Quality and reliability

Create product lists, edit and make changes. Personal dashboard with reports.

Keep track of what happens to your parcels. Tracking by track number.

View the entire history of parcels and payments in your personal account.

Invite your friends and get bonuses from us! Which you will be able to pay.

How do I send an item to Amazon?
You've come to the right place!

Amazon prepare center - this is a service for delivery, registration and shipment of goods on Amazon. We will carefully deliver Your product, after which we will be happy to accept it and issue, at Your request. Fill out all the necessary documents, check and sort, if necessary, and send it to your desired account. Get bonuses for invited people and use them as payment for further shipments!


Advantages that we provide

Favorable price
We do not have extra expenses for office, advertising, Secretary's salary and other expenses that service companies usually include in the cost of their services.

Physical warehouse in the USA
We will provide you with a physical address in the United States for greater sales opportunities. This area includes concepts such as Online arbitration and Private Label.

Making payments
We will help you pay for the item in case your credit cards are not supported. Our payment system accepts all types of cards.

Time saving
Control of the entire procedure "from and to" in one service. This will allow you to save a lot of time. We will notify you of product changes by email.

Types of access

Levels of access to the service
BASIC 25 $ 1$ per item From 50 - 0.9$ each 1 QTY 1 month DETAILED
STANDARD 49 $ 0.8$ per item From 50 - 0.75$ each 1 QTY 1 month DETAILED
PRO 249.99 $ 0.6$ per item From 50 - 0.55$ each 1 QTY Infinite DETAILED


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