Making payments

Our service supports all types of credit cards. If your issuing Bank refuses to pay on foreign sites, we will help you pay for the goods. Through our system, you can pay with any card.
All You need is to add the product in your personal account. Then we do the calculations and bill You. After that, you need to make a payment for the goods and pay for the services of the prepare center, according to the rates for Your access at the moment
The next stage is the receipt of the goods by our center. You can track all the way of the goods using our tracking system in your personal account. The last step is sending the product to Amazon.

Payment for the prepare center

Since we are a product preparation center, the first thing we do is ship the product to Amazon. You simply create a new product in your personal account, select the necessary options, fill out labels on Amazon, pay for the preparation and wait for the product in your personal account of Amazon.

Price policy

Since we are located in the United States, and people from different countries use our service, the main currency is the American dollar. We do not set the exchange rate.

If you pay for the purchase of goods from the sites through us, you do not overpay anything, except for 3% Commission, which is taken by our partner-the payment system. Other word, You only pay for the product + payment system Commission.

All services of the prepare center are paid by price.

The cost for preparing the product is calculated based On your access and the number of identical products in one position. Additional options and checks calculated separately and are not mandatory.
In case of problems on the part of the supplier of goods, we will help you solve all problems with the return/re-order of the goods. If you incorrectly made a payment, or you have questions about payment/service, we will be happy to help you! For more information, see contacts.