Additional options

In addition to the standard process for accepting and pasting route labels, we have additional options that can be applied to each product. Additional options are not required and can be selected, at your request, in your personal account.

ATTENTION! There is a cost adjustment. The current price is no longer valid.

Main price Wholesale (pallets)

Checking the product for defects

We can check for defects. Especially true for electronic devices and breakable items. This check should not be neglected to avoid problems with the return of discounted goods. The refund may take several weeks, and some of the money You just might lose out on it.
Check price for each unit -0.2$

Creating sets(Bundle)

If you need to create sets, we can do that. Let's assume That you ordered 100 units of goods, and want to sell 5 pieces at a time, then we will need to create 20 such sets, then pack and send to Your account.
Cost of creating a set -0.2$


We offer a service for pasting your logo/image on the product, if you need it. This is especially true when selling a Private Label product. It is also possible to produce any printed products for the product. To do this, you must attach a file with the image when adding the product, and also specify this in the comments to the order.
If you need a service to create a logo / image, we can also make it.
the price for the design is negotiated individually. More about this in the section contacts.
Price of pasting images - 0.1$

Packing in material

If you need to wrap the product in "bubbles", we can also do it for You. First of all, this will be relevant for breaking objects.
The price of the package per unit -0.5$

This section will be updated.